About the North American Spine Society 

NASS is a distinguished leader in advancing quality multidisciplinary spine care.

What makes NASS a leader? We are not just another medical organization, but rather a league of spine specialists with a passion to help spine care providers and patients by fostering quality, evidence based and ethical spine care. We are uniquely multidisciplinary in our spine care services, membership and outreach.

Leading in Services
Our services meet the various needs of spine specialists, including: offering continuing education, pioneering research opportunities, influencing practice policies, and supporting advocacy initiatives. These critical resources include:

  • Cutting-edge continuing medical education (accredited with commendation)
  • Research funding and grants
  • Advocacy in the legislative and regulatory arenas on behalf of spine patients and spine care professionals
  • Clinical care resources to promote high quality, safe spine care
  • Practice management resources
  • A publishing program that includes a scientific journal, a clinical/news periodical, books and other educational materials

Leading in Membership
Our national and international membership of over 5,000 medical providers combines diverse specialties impacting spine care that comprise:

  • Spine surgeons and physicians: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, pain medicine and management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, anesthesiology and radiology 
  • Medical professionals active in spine care: physician assistants, physiatry, physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic care, family practice and internal medicine, nurses and nurse practitioners and research specialists 

Leading in Outreach
Our outreach impacts numerous lives that involve: spine care specialists, spine patients and their families, and society at large – reaping the benefits of positive patient care outcomes. NASS expands its outreach through diverse and effective approaches, including:

  • Resources for patients and specialists on spine conditions & treatments
  • A spine care provider search for both patients and specialists 
  • Public education and media relations

NASS’ vision is to continue advancing multidisciplinary spine care through our services, membership and outreach initiatives. We invite you to join NASS’ continued progress in spine care education and innovation by participating in our educational programs and membership benefits.

For more information about any of these programs, please visit the NASS Web site. You can also find information on our mission, governance and history of NASS.